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"Gershwin To Guthrie" at Windham Civic Centre Concert Hall, Windham, NY - Sam Reider and Future Folk Musik

Featuring Courtney Hartman, Dave Speranza, Grant Gordy, Eddie Barbash, and Alex Hargreaves. 

A musical conversation between two pillars of American popular and folk song, this concert will bring together the compositions of brothers Ira and George Gershwin and Woody Guthrie in a unified presentation. While in some ways Tin Pan Alley and the folk music scene of the 1930s-40s existed in worlds apart, this concert will celebrate all three composers as having equally important and reciprocal influences on the evolution of American music.

Join Sam Reider & Future Folk Musik for an evening spanning Gershwin, Guthrie, and a mix of everything in between.